Below are some guys & gals that fight/compete in either stand up fighting or ground fighting or both (Past & Present).
Huge respect to these warriors, it takes a very special person with loads of courage to step onto a mat or into ring or cage or any form of combat where the potential to be hurt is involved & go head to head with someone to test their skills. It's the ultimate self test, one on one in unarmed combat. Not everyone has what it takes to step up & have a go, so these guys & gals are very unique & we are very proud of them for believing in themselves & their willingness to do what most only talk about, but never actually have the commitment to follow through & actually do. These guys & gals have nothing to prove to anyone, they do it for themselves to continually improve & test themselves, they have taken the ultimate challenge & have done what most don't have the nerve to do. They have been tested & came through the other side better fighters.
You can't teach experience, these warriors have gained experience for themselves.

Mason Hollaway

Jared Biermann

Conor Monaghan

Louise Fox

Billy McNabb

Charlie McKellar

Alex Potroz

Simon Cheung

Dean Maxwell

Isaac Dean

Ritchie Chavez

James Ingleton

Jeremy Margosis

Nicole Oshyer

Lachlan Chisholm

Chris Chisholm

Mohamed Elhassan

Sharon Miles

Simon Foscarini

Jason Bandte

Luke Wrigley

Alexander Konovalov

Tim Morrow

Lon Rose

Vaughan Duncan

Riley Morgan

Benn Ratanakosol

Mork Ratanakosol

Kieran Gabriel

Richard Kemp-Hay

Ugur Kocak

Justice Oshyer

Charlotte Mason

Shane Dalier

Allan Highfield

Abbey Fister

Jarrod Farlow

Christian Auzmendi

Joe Fister

Chris Goldrick

Rowan Maxwell

Maddison Skinner

Paul Franchi

George Martin

Emmanuel Gil

Robert David

Ben Metcalf

Ryan Green

Jamie Carl

Darren Bailey

Mark De Rooij

Dimitri Cvetanovski

Wes Jasper

Peter Cross

Rachel Head

Julian Anczewski

Tuure Immonen

Michelle Peruzzi

Lee Chesterfield

Sean Godkin

Andrew Machin

Danny Weir

Scott Cunningham

Chiefy Waihape

Storm Oshyer