We train slightly different to most fight gyms, we train more so as friends with a common interest assisting each other in training. There aren't any egos from any of the people who train with us, nor are people with egos or poor attitudes welcome. We are strong believers that training should be done in a relaxed & fun environment. We have all started somewhere & we all need to learn. When training or sparring we don't believe there is any point in someone being smashed or hit hard during training. We generally only make very light contact when sparring or doing drills, if any contact at all whilst striking. People are all at different levels & there is nothing to prove by dominating someone who is of lesser skill. When sparring people are free to try things & see if they feel comfortable with them, without running the risk of being hurt. They can see where things might work for them & what may not without the risk. From there they can learn, as they will soon see where their strengths are & where they can improve. Again we do not believe in the need to strike hard against each other, as people will then just shell up & not try new things & thus never learn, or improve and you shouldn't be afraid to learn. We have a great bunch of guys & gals who train with us, some have only a very limited & basic skill level and some have a much higher skill set. Some of these guys & gals also have certain skills that they bring to the table in several different disciplines & they are more than willing to assist fellow training partners with their own skills in their area of expertise. This naturally improves each others skill set as a whole. Storm MMA is not about one person saying 'do it this way & this is the only way', it is about being part of a team! This means everyone is different & everyone learns differently, thus people may benefit by being paired up with a partner that is also capable of not only learning from them, but is also capable of teaching them in return. We started Storm MMA with the idea of helping those who needed improvements in certain areas & it is great that we are still able to learn from each other. There is no such thing as someone who knows it all, every move & technique, if they think that's the case they haven't learnt anything & are only being ignorant to themselves. You learn until the day you die, a simple fact. Not all moves will work 100% of the time & someone who thinks otherwise is living in a fantasy world. Our guys & gals are passionate about the fighting arts & we are not one particular style, we train as true Mixed Martial Artists. We train in the most common high percentage moves & what is more than likely going to work or be more effective in reality or in a real fight. Generally speaking what is the point in knowing 1000 moves, if you find only about 5 works well for you. Isn't it better to be great at those 5 moves, instead of being average at maybe 20.

63-65 Sheppard Street, Hume, ACT

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